Joost Plattel

Data Strategist.

Joost Plattel - Photo by Sebastiaan Ter Burg

I’m Joost Plattel, a data strategist. I help organizations and persons develop strategies for data-related questions and opportunities. I create experimental models, data visualizations and based on feedback-loops and experiences. The question I try to answer is:

How do we use all the data generated every second and turn it into information, to knowledge and finally wisdom?

Projects I am working on include activity tracking and dashboards for teams or trying to make sense of phone data. I also build handy mashups that enable you to sync your Kindle to Evernote and make libraries for API’s like Meetup, Fitbit, Jawbone and Moves App. And I like to use my personal data as an artist with my twin-brother under the name Thought Kinetics.

If you are interested in my projects, the strategies for data or The Quantified Self, have a cup of delicious coffee with me!

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