Joost Plattel

Data Strategist.

Joost Plattel - Photo by Sebastiaan Ter Burg

I’m Joost Plattel, a data strategist. I help people discover and use data and the Quantified Self. I create experimental models, data visualizations and strategy based on feedback-loops and processes. The question I try to answer is:

How do we use all the data generated every day, minute or hour and turn that to information, to knowledge and finally into wisdom?

Projects I am working on include activity tracking and dashboards for teams or trying to make sense of phone data. I also build handy mashups that enable you to sync your Kindle to Evernote and make libraries for API’s like Meetup, Fitbit, Jawbone and Moves App. And I like to use my personal data as an artist with my twin under the name Thought Kinetics.

I connect API’s, sockets, data-streams and the physical world in order to create interface for knowledge. I bring organizations and people ways to discover value in their data with powerful visuals and meaningful insights.

If you are interested in my projects, the power of data or The Quantified Self, have a cup of delicious coffee with me! And sign up for my monthly newsletter called the Curious Corner of the Internet, it’s good stuff!